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Indulge in the ultimate luxury retreat experience at KWX’s first-ever Windermere escape on Saturday, July 6th. Immerse yourself in a day filled with rejuvenating activities, scenic landscapes, and unparalleled relaxation.

Founded by our director, Karleigh Wright, KW Fitness is a women’s only boutique fitness studio based in Hebburn.

Karleigh started training at an early age and danced professionally around the world for 10 years.

With a passion for health and fitness, her clients and their goals are always top priority, and that’s why she made it her mission to bring a fitness studio with amazing vibes to Hebburn town.

Karleigh Wright

Founder Of KW Fitness

ONLINE 1-1 coaching Programs

All at home and online programs include 1-1 coaching via WhatsApp or a contact method you’d prefer. At least x2 check in days per week and around the clock contact should you need it.

The Ultimate Booty Bible

This program focuses on six major exercises guaranteed to develop your booty!
£80 / OTP
Peach Perfect Bum!
Online Access
Includes 1-1 coaching via WhatsApp
Add Meal Plan for an additional £20


The body blasting workout covers 4 days over a 6 week period but is yours to cycle forever.
£80 / OTP
Body weight program you
Online Access
Includes 1-1 coaching via WhatsApp
Add Meal Plan for an additional £20


Some of our daily & weekly classes below at KW Fitness.


Power Jabs & Abs Bootcamp

Strong: The Gun Show

Stretch & Core

Strong: Peachy Queens

Sweaty Saturdays

Sweaty Sundays


Chaos Fitness Class

KW HIIT Fitness Class


Some switch to plant-based for health reasons. They’ve heard that eating more fruits and veggies can help reduce their medical costs. Others sick of dieting and overspending on diet foods that don’t seem to work turn to a plant-based lifestyle in hopes of finally losing those unwanted pounds.

If you are thinking about a plant-based diet for yourself, we’ve got everything you need to know and the easiest way to get started.


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I absolutely love this class! Been training with Karleigh for 4 weeks, it’s the best class I’ve ever been to! Karleigh is so motivating and supportive, really takes the time to help you get the best out of the class. Each class is different and full of energy with a lush group of girls!
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Been training with Karleigh for 6weeks now and already seeing a huge difference in strength and fitness. Karleigh is an amazing coach and the ultimate motivator. Her positive energy is the highlight of my day. Thanks Karleigh, can't wait for next session x
Jen Miller
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I got a 2 week meal plan from KW and I absolutely loved it! It taught me so much about food and nutrition in such a short time, plus I lost over half a stone! Constant support from Karleigh throughout the two weeks as well. Amazing!!
Lisa Marie
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Karleigh is an amazing trainer! She has taught me so much about correct technique and posture. Every session is different and never boring! I feel so much fitter and stronger! Thank you so much for pushing me through these sessions!

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🏃‍♀️Come run with me to @southbeachofficial Miami!Warmed up at my hotel @citizenm at around 7am for sunrise 🌅I ran along South beach past x2 beach gyms, imagine lasses… we would make good use of those eh? 👙🏖️
In the video at the begining you see a cube of white stuff… that’s Kendal mint cake, Alexis my fav runner gave me that tip instead of messy gels a little minty sugar does the trick at about minute 45 😘Completed a 1/2 marathon and felt amazing, horrendous blisters as wore new sneaks but we move… plenty salt water during the cruise to dry them out aye! 🌊🩹At the begining we pass @miamiheat stadium, some homes of the rich and famous, Miami Beach and then get stuck at the bridge in Biscayne bay, Florida is rebounded for those bridges coz they have so many yachts 🙄🛥️Give this reel a like and a share 😘Wearing @bubblebutt2020x shorts and @nikerunning alphas
@musclebeachsouthbeach#kwfitness #kwf #1/2maraton #kwfitnessmiami #runningmiami #miamihalfmarathon #miamihalf
I arrived super late for the 8am as I thought the class was 8.30 …
So done my tredmill stint before the 9.30 class so was happy to get that done!Always forget that in the USA they love to count in lbs so that was a chew to workout what to lift ended up with a :
17ish KG KB
38ish KG Barbell 😂
(That was spot on for me tbh, would have moved like a sloth any heavier)The class format was:
Partner workout all reps split:
1. 60cal Echo, 1 person hanging
2. 120 Swings, 1 person holding front rack barbell
3. 100 Barbell shoulder to over head
4. 2000m Row
5. 80 Barbell thrusters
6. 40 Box step ups 1 person holding barbell @ hips
7. 40 burpees over partner in plank
CAP: 40min
OUR TIME: 37min
🥵🥵🥵Now I went out my way to find this place, I could have easily went to the hotel gym, but I wouldn’t have met new people, seen how another gym works or had half the enjoyment as I did here!
The best gym environment at home or away is a class set up…
Make new friends, push each other!
You wouldn’t find a new one in a hotel gym with your headphones in or at home on your Computor screen!
Join a class not a screen team 😘Wearing @bubblebutt2020x
Gym @peak360fitness#crossfitmiami #miamifitness #kwfitness #youvegotthis #fitnessgirls #miamibeach
MY NEMISIS… wall balls 🏀Give this simple but effective workout a blast…
Wanted to program myself something challenging but management to perfect and improve my volumes on wall balls!Excellent to improve wall balls, running, overall endurance and those #hyrox transitions 😘Set your clock for x10 rounds of 3 minutes1. First set of 3 min 500m run (less if you need)
2. Second set of 3 min 40-50 wall balls.Give yourself enough time to have a breather before your next set of 3 minutes.🏃‍♀️I was getting 30 sec rest after the 500m
🏀Wall balls I was getting 30 out then breaking then trying to complete 10-20 extra…Rounds below of wall balls are as follow:
1. 40
2. 40
3. 42
4. 50
5. 50Over all I grabbed 2.5k and 222 wall balls in 30minutes…
Will keep this little belta 🙌😘If you do it comment your scores below ⬇️⬇️⬇️💁🏼‍♀️Side note: I know you love my set… stay tuned @bubblebutt2020x lovers… always trialling so they provide you with the best for lounge and fitness 🥳😘#kwfitness #wallballtraining #endurance #volumework #wallballsaremyweakness
Well rounded session 🙌
Get after this solo or with a pal 🥳💪Strength:
X8-10 reps of
1. Dead lifts @50% 2RM
2. Hip thrusts same weight
3. Bent over row, a weight you can manage for 4 rounds
4. Reverse flies, keep this light for 12-16 repsX4 rounds of the above, min rest or do a YGIG with partner.Into:🥵Workout:
30min time cap:
Split or if solo do 1/2 of the below:
1. Calories on an erg
2. Box over burpees
3. LungesSo 60 of all then 50 of all then 40 of all.
Any remaining time throw in your own ab work
We had 4 min remaining so completed a mini plank routine 😘💫Tag your gym buddie
💫Tag us when you do it
💫Comment your time for the workout
💫Save to always go back to#kwfitness #fullbodyworkout #partnerworkout #strength #burpees #assaultbike
T H E  S I M P L E  P L A N 🍌🥗🥳
To get you on the right track 📈We have a huge offer up for grabs to give you the kick start you need 🙌🥳This will be one of the best decisions you make and will cost you only x2 bottles of baileys!!! 💁🏼‍♀️A simple x4 week plan that is yours forever… the plan that will get you straight onto your “wagon” and leave you feeling lighter, happier and more confident in yourself in just four weeks!This plan will help you understand what you should be adding or taking away from your plate in order to fuel, nourish and recover your body! 💪Eat well and your life will be a reflection … 😇ONLY £35!!!Offer until Dec 30th…Meal plan ready day after you commit!Message now via the link in bio to let us know a little more about your goals 🥰#Janchallenge #kickstart #4weekplan #4weekkiclstart #healthyeating #eatingplan #nourishyourbody
Transform your life in 2024 with 1-1 and small group personal training at KWF! 🏋️‍♂️Embrace the mental and physical challenges that lead to a body transformation you never thought possible. 💪But it’s not just about workouts - join a community that’s more than a gym, it’s a family. 🤝Build friendships, enjoy brunches, hikes, fitness events, and meals out. 🍽️Your routine will become a lifestyle, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. ⏰Don’t let time slip away; invest in yourself now before it’s too late.Drop a DM for follow link in bio for more info.💫 #KWFitness #TransformYourLife #ChangeYourRoutine”
Sunset Soirée brought to you by KWF/X @kwxplorers and @the.mindfulness.tribe☔️⛱️Beach workout
☕️🍫Hot cocoTo bring in the winter 🥰🌅What an epic evening and Mother Nature surly gave us some of her elements mind 😅#kwx #kwf #sunset #mindfulness #beaachevents
Hey my name is Karleigh and I start every morning with a hot water and lemon, 30 minutes meditation, a 3 minute cold shower, yoga and a workout 🧘🏼🍋Followed by organic dirt coffee a chai tea and yoga 🍄☕️Then I choose my matching gym set from my perfectly aligned closet before getting my makeup immaculately applied and then recording the perfect gym workout. 👌🏼Post workout I make by the perfect smoothie made in the cleanest kitchen 🫧Then I journal and manifest, I NEVER forget to write down the things that are extremely important to me because I know that if they’re that important they’re definitely not at the front of my mind and to make my dreams a reality I need to have them written down in glitter gel pens on butterfly paper that smells of sweet palma violets. If not then they’ll never come true 😢I then go into my afternoon of reading, make my nutrient dense dinner, never watch TV, perform my evening facial routine and fall into the perfect sleep for 9pm …THE REALITY IS… DO I F*^% I mean I do eat the nutrient dense meal and at times record workouts 🤷🏼‍♀️ but
Unless you are single, don’t work and live in Bali, then to complete all the above daily is not realistic and look what is missing… family where do you fit the time in for those that matter? We are in a world WITH others, look after yourself but you are not alone!No one can do all the above every single day, we have families, kids, bad days, interrupted sleep patterns. We live in a fast paced world and watching day in the life videos on social media does not represent a REAL authentic person, it’s a pre set perfectly written piece of acting for all of our insecure eyes to see to make us feel even more shit about our lives…Ladies and gentlemen… 6 simple things to follow to make your life better… a REALISTIC life:
1. Switch off as early as you can
2. Guzzle water as soon as you wake
3. Prioritise your exercise
4. Eat veg with every meal
5. Alcohol!? but avoid drinking alone and try to save it for special occasions
6. Get outside more then one hour per day rain or shine!You don’t need to journel if something is important to you it will already be at the front of your mind!
Transformation pictures… 📸
We love to hate them… 🤯
But this one above speaks a thousand words… 😘Stacey’s right pic is NOT an END GOAL… this is a journey, but as you can see the picture is telling her story! 📖Her mental health, her strength, her fitness and her social life have all grown since emerging herself into this wonderful family 👏At KW FITNESS we do not pressurise our members to take pics, to measure or to diet…We encourage members to create healthier habits, we educate them on nutrition and how your diet impacts your life 🍏We do not hard sell memberships by using transformation pictures🔨💰We generate members who stick with us because KW becomes a massive part of their life and members feel the benefits from leaving class feeling stronger each week 🏆We focus on their performance in class, with their children at home and at work.
Because once you’re in this lifestyle EVERYTHING changes for the better 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦If a member requests more focus on their physical body, if they have excess body fat they need to reduce in order to become healthier then of course.
This also applies for ladies who need to increase their body fat in order to be healthy.
If they know they need that extra help with their lifestyle outside of the gym, then this is taken seriously and we delve deeper into their situation, this is because members feel comfortable to open up here 🥰We encourage and promote fitness and health as a lifestyle (it should be naturally) but society has driven us into so many unhealthy bad habits, people don’t know whether they’re coming or going 🤯KW FITNESS is a non exclusive gym that has every:
Body shape
Fitness levelWe all support one and other and have created a hub, community and a place women and their kids come to workout, have their own routine and a social life like no other!We are about that BALANCE… ⚖️Your physical body WILL change if you change your lifestyle to THIS lifestyle!Drop us a message today to see how we can get you rolling with KW to start rebuilding your life for the better 🥰#KWFitness #TransformYourLife #ChangeYourRoutine”
Let’s take a peak at the KWF Xmas party glow up 🥰😍Thanks to @allurebeauty.jesmond @allure.beautysalon for all of our beauty treatments!
@aidanskitchenncl for our refeed and @makeupby_annalois for my face transformation…Leave the fitness life to me and the glam life to my extremely talented @melxwrightWhat a life we live at this gym man 😂🥰💋Featuring products by @ahria_cosmetics and @allurebeautysupplies#prexmasglowup #kwfparty #kwfxmasparty23
Get out get it done…
C H A L L E N G E 🔥🗼
Something to keep you focused this Dec! 📈Will also improve your uphilll endurance ready for all the KWX hikes planned for 2024 🗻How long will it take you! ⏰🥵The fastest person to climb the equalising of the #burjkhalifa before Dec 23rd will win KWF unlimited membership for their 2024 fitness kicks!!! 🎉Get affter it! 🧗1. Climb 160 flights with 2090 steps on a stair master or do it without a machine and use an app to show
2. Take a pic of the evidence
3. Tag us and share on all socials
4. Get to workI will be doing this too!
Let see what times we can get team!
All non members can take part too!#kwfitness #decchallenge #stairmasterchallenge #climbingchallenge #burjkhalifa
KWX 🥾🗺️
Scafell Pike Nov 2023120 meters from the summit and moth nature told us to back off…So we listened to her and good job we did, the conditions where treterous but we managed to hike 850m so almost there…Will do this in a warmer climate next year ladies not to worry 😘As usual a KWX mission filled with laughs, bants, bingo and of course an insane warming dinner 🥘🍲Make sure you keep your eyes on the KWX socials in the coming months for upcoming events in 2024…Tickets will sell fast so when you see something you fancy, tag that mate and get it booked… we get one chance to do everything on our bucket list, we will help you to start those steps to tick those experiences off ✔️#kwx #youvegotthis #girlsclub #girlsontour
The gift of fitness! The best bundle you could get a loved one 😘🎉 Unleash the Black Friday energy at KW FITNESS! 💪 🖤The gift of fitness! The best bundle you could get a loved one 😘Platinum
🖤Option 1: Unlimited was £140, now just £110!
Enjoy one month of unlimited access Includes a hoodie and your pick of a t-shirt or vest🌟
🖤Option 2: Semi-Membership (9 classes) was £100, now only £80!
Includes a hoodie and your pick of a t-shirt or vest 🌟Silver
🖤Silver package was £70, now just £50!
Enjoy 2 classes of choice, any hoodie/fleece and a hat/top 🌟Bronze
🖤 Bronze Package was £50, now just £35!
Grab any hoodie/fleece plus x2 classes of choice or a tshirt should you want the merch only 🌟Seize the savings and supercharge your fitness journey! 🚀📲Follow link to in bio to grab your insane deals today!OFFERS END DEC 5th ⭐️#KWFitBlackFriday #FitnessDeals" #LadiesOnlyGym
Just a normal day at the KW HQHappens on a regular occurrence, thought it would be nice to share 😭Fellow members and coaches have to get cozy if we’re init for the long haul I suppose 🤦🏼‍♀️😅@ashleighl_  never a dull moment pet 🤣#gymcomedy #pullupattempt #funnygymvid
Join us for rejuvenating yoga sessions at KW Fitness in Hebburn every…⏰Thursday @ 6:30 pm
⏰Sunday @ 11 amWhether you're a beginner or experienced yogi, our classes cater to all levels ☺️Discover inner peace and flexibility with us – see you there! 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ #YogaAtKWFitness📲 booking link in bio
💰Pay as you go and membership options
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